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Fareed Haque Group
by Fareed Haque Group
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Topic: Live concert
Source: Schoeps Mk4v > V2 > AD2K+ > VX Pocket > Toshiba 3440CT > Vegas > .wav (24 bit / 48Hz)
Internet Archive Presents
by Rick Prelinger
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Lost Landscapes returns for its 8th year, bringing together both familiar and unseen archival film clips showing San Francisco as it was and is no more. Blanketing the 20th-century city from the Bay to Ocean Beach, this screening includes newly-discovered images of Playland and Sutro Baths; the waterfront; families living and playing in their neighborhoods; detail-rich streetscapes of the late 1960s; the 1968 San Francisco State strike; Army and family life in the Presidio; buses, planes,...
Topics: lost landscapes, internet archive, rick prelinger, brewster kahle
Prelinger Archives Home Movies
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Lost Landscapes of San Francisco 7
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Topics: Lost Landscapes, San Francisco